Our First Mold
Prototype mold POPBLOOX Prototype mold of POPBLOOX
Prototype of first POPBLOOX Prototype mold of POPBLOOX
Open Prototype mold of POPBLOOX First POPBLOOX parts

The first POPBLOOX™ Prototype mold

- We designed out first gravity mold out of Acrylic so we could see any imperfections during the curing process. (Recycled Acrylic) Donated from Local Main street car wash (thanks Scott).

- In our Prototype mold we used actual cans inserted from each side. This reduced the machining features in to the mold.
- Pourable Poly Urethane was used to make short run test parts.
- We machined several molds this way to increase our output on cycle time for each part. You have to pull the mold apart remove the part, clean the mold, reinsert cans, Spray the mold with releasing agent, then repeat when the material cures.
- These were our first parts with no pigment. Later we added colors to our parts.

- This is an early version of POP-BLOOX™












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PRODUCTION-Hot Runner Injection Mold:

photo of injection mold POPBLOOX injection mold POPBLOOX
injection mold POPBLOOX injection mold POPBLOOX
injection mold photo POPBLOOX injection mold POPBLOOX

Recycled phone case mold

This is one of the molds we redesigned for our own product. We re machined and made new plates and inserts. This was a phone case mold and might look familiar it had very low use and was a excellent choice for our mold needs.

Reassembled all components

These photos show the basic steps we did to recycle this mold. You can see the large unusual pockets that had to be plugged and welded.(It takes a lot of work to be able to redesign a mold, you have to design around all holes and pockets that was used in the product before) This takes more time and effort than working with a new mold base.










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