We are currently accepting photos for the drawing for a free Ipod (nano 4 gig).  If you wish to submit a photo to our free drawing FIRST READ the guidelines to posting photos (below). IF YOU AGREE WITH THESE GUIDELINES then send your photo submissions to Make sure you also include ALL OF THE FOLLOWING...

Your entry title, your first & last name, email address & phone number.

By submitting your photo YOU AGREE TO ALL OF THE FOLLOWING...

  1)  I understand it is my responsibility as the submitter of this photo, that I as
the owner of the photo hold all legal rights to submit this photo for posting to the
TM site. I personally accept any responsibility in regards to the posting of
this photo.

2)  If the photo is of an adult I have the permission to have this photo posted to
TM web site. If the photo is of a minor child, I have both the permission
of the child AND the adult guardian to post the photo to the POPBLOOX
TM web site.


3)  If I am the artist, I give full rights to post this photo to POPBLOOXTM. If I am
not the artist, I have this formal permission from the artist.


4)  If I am the photographer, I give POPBLOOXTM the rights to use this photo. If I am
not the photographer, I have secured the rights to post this photo to the POPBLOOX

site by the photographer.


5)  I understand I am giving the rights to  to post this photo as a free
service and do not hold POPBLOOX
TM responsible should someone illegally take the photo
from the POPBLOOX
TM site and post it illegally elsewhere. It would be my
responsibility to challenge the take down of this photo on any other site.


6)  I understand the posting of this photo is a free service of POPBLOOXTM. If I later
decide to have the photo removed, for any reason, or if I decide to make ANY changes
to the text entered with this photo, I agree to pay a $5 administrative fee for each
URL page where a revision is made. 


7)  Your photos must include something made with PopblooxTM!


8)  Only one entry per person/household!


9)  I understand POPBLOOX has the right to use the photos for advertising or other promotional reasons.

NOTE: By posting your photo to any contest it is with the understanding that the POPBLOOXTM photo pages are for sharing. One should expect others to duplicate in part (or exactly) the designs submitted. Individuals may print out these photos for their own personal use.  There are some very specific guidelines on how these photos are or can be used in the public domain. You may not post them to any other website and there are other restrictions on how one may use the photos. The submitter retains ownership of the photo and POPBLOOXTM takes no responsibility for the use of your photo or any legal issues in regards to any submission. All photos on the POPBLOOXTM site as well as text is protected by international copyright laws.

Submitting photos with partial information will be rejected.


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