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Matthew Smithers lives in Lewisville, Texas and has done engineering and design for many high profile companies directly and indirectly.  Some of these companies include INTEL, MOTOROLA, CYREX, AMP, DELL COMPUTERS and LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES.

Ealier work include many Patents for the computer and electronic industry.  Below are some of those patents.  Matthew was Supervisor over the Thermal Lab and New Product Developement at Thermalloy, Incorporated.  Many years were spent mentoring directly with CEO Bill Jordan, Engineer, VP of Engineering and Engineer Howard Hinshaw both very dear friends.  Matthew started MCS Products in 1987 as an outside vendor supplier of custom machined goods and electronic assemblies to several Dallas area companies.  MCS Products is known for fast or overnight delivery, flexible and innovative solutions make MCS Products a favorite vendor.

Device Package Mounting Assembly

Apparatus for Securing Electronic Device

Heat Sink Mounting Apparatus

Heat Sink Attachment Assembly

Spring Wing Attachment Assembly Hook Spring Clip Push Clip Assembly
Stamped & Formed Heat Sink Package Mounting Spring Clip Fan Attachment Clip
Anchor for Securing a Heat Sink Solderable Transistor Clip Strap Spring for Attachment
Strap Spring Mounting Pre-application of Grease to Heat Sinks with Protective coating
Heat Sink Packaging Devices Strap Spring Clip w/Spring Wing Applicator Head
Spring Clip for Retaining Thermal Strap Clip for Heat Sink Clip Assembly
Indian Head Heat Sink  


Dell Computers: Outstanding Vendor Achievement Award

Thermalloy Inc: Presidents Award
Electronic Packaging and Production: Product of the Year


MCS Products has never delivered late parts.